Leadership Board

The mission of the McGovern Institute Leadership Board is to enrich the Institute’s goal of understanding how the brain works and discovering new ways to prevent or treat brain disorders.  

Role of Leadership Board Members

•    Secure the financial resources to support the Institute’s mission
•    Serve as the Institute’s educated ambassadors beyond the academic community
•    Provide counsel and advice to McGovern leadership and governance

Our Leadership Board members place the McGovern Institute among their highest philanthropic priorities. By investing in the Institute with gifts of $10,000 or more annually, Leadership Board members fund innovative research projects, support talented graduate students and fellows, and help McGovern scientists to push the boundaries of neuroscience. By sharing their passion for brain research, Leadership Board members identify and connect members of their own network with the McGovern Institute community.
Membership Benefits

•    Interact directly with world-renowned neuroscientists at an exclusive annual meeting featuring visionary talks and access to McGovern labs
•    Receive timely research updates and invitations to special events and dinners with McGovern faculty throughout the year

To learn more about how to join the Leadership Board, please contact Kara Flyg at kflyg@mit.edu or 617-324-0134.