Vision Loss and Other Sensory Deficits

Sensory deficits such as blindness and low vision are very common forms of disability, affecting over 300 million people worldwide according to World Health Organization estimates.

Loss of vision has many causes, and while some cases are treatable or preventable, many others are not. In particular, there is currently no way to reverse damage to the retina or the visual part of the brain, and new treatments are urgently needed for these conditions.

Researchers at the McGovern Institute are studying how the visual system works, how it develops and adapts to the visual world, and how it responds to deprivation or disease. Insights from this fundamental work will be central to the development of new therapeutic approaches for visual and other deficits. McGovern researchers are also collaborating with colleagues in the MIT School of Engineering to develop new technologies such as implantable prosthetic devices that could eventually be used to treat blindness and other disorders.

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