Research news

  • Photo: Kent Dayton

    Stroke disrupts how brain controls muscle synergies

    The simple act of picking up a pencil requires the coordination of dozens of muscles: The eyes and head must turn toward the object as the hand reaches forward and the fingers grasp it. To make this job more manageable, the brain’s motor…

  • Photo: Justin Knight

    Thinking about others is not child’s play

    When you try to read other people’s thoughts, or guess why they are behaving a certain way, you employ a skill known as theory of mind. This skill, as measured by false-belief tests, takes time to develop: In children, it doesn’t…

  • A mouse inside a box where it learns to associate an odor with a water reward. Photo: Justin Knight

    Re-creating autism, in mice

    By mutating a single gene, researchers at MIT and Duke have produced mice with two of the most common traits of autism — compulsive, repetitive behavior and avoidance of social interaction.

    They further showed that this gene, which is also…

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