Spring 2013 Issue 27

Robert Desimone, Director of the McGovern Institute. Photo: Kent Dayton

From the Director

In a recent speech at the White House, President Obama announced a new initiative to understand the brain, which he described as one of the grand challenges for the scientific community and for the nation as a whole. The President’s initiative will focus especially on the development …

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John Gabrieli, Director of the Martinos Imaging Center at MIT

Feature Story

From Brain Imaging to Personalized Medicine

The summer after John Gabrieli finished college with a literature degree from Yale, he found himself in a store in Harvard Square, wondering what to do next.

“I was looking at books and found this,” he says, walking to a shelf in his cluttered office at the McGovern Institute and pulling…

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A technology known as diffusion tensor imaging can reveal the structure of long-range connections in the living human brain. Image: Zeynep Saygin

Institute News

MIT Researchers Join Obama for Brain Announcement

Robert Desimone and Ed Boyden were invited to the White House on Tuesday, April 2, when President Barack Obama announced a new initiative to understand the human brain.

The McGovern researchers, along with MIT faculty colleagues Emery Brown and Sebastian Seung, were among a group of leading…

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Photo: Kent Dayton

Awards & Honors

Awards and Honors

Martha Constantine-Paton is among nine MIT faculty members elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The new class, which includes leaders from academia, business, public affairs, the arts and humanities, will be inducted at a ceremony on October 12 in Cambridge, MA. Constantine-Paton…

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John Gabrieli and collaborators used magnetoencephalography to reveal differences between patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and typically developing control subjects (TD). Image: Khan et al., PNAS 110: 3107-12.

Research News

John Gabrieli collaborated with colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University to study how brain connectivity is altered in autism. They used magnetoencephalography to measure how strongly different brain regions are communicating with each other, and found

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President Barack Obama greets the 2012 U.S. Kavli Prize Laureates in the Oval Office, March 28, 2013, including MIT's Mildred Dresselhaus (in gray jacket), Ann Graybiel (in purple suit) and Jane Luu (in blue jacket). Official White House Photo by Pete Souza


Ann Graybiel Invited to White House

President Obama met on March 28 with the six U.S. winners of the 2012 Kavli Prizes—including Ann Graybiel (fourth from right) and two MIT colleagues, Mildred Dresselhaus, and Jane Luu. Graybiel shared the Neuroscience Prize for “elucidating basic neuronal mechanisms underlying…

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