Spring 2015 Issue 35

Robert Desimone, Director of the McGovern Institute. Photo: Kent Dayton

From the Director

In this issue, we explore new technologies that are changing how scientists study the brain's fine structure.

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Graduate student Paul Tillberg examines a specimen in Ed Boyden's lab. Photo: Justin Knight

Feature Story

Bold New Microscopies for the Brain

McGovern researchers create unexpected new approaches to microscopy that are changing the way scientists look at the brain.

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Institute News

McGovern Institute Welcomes Mark Harnett

Our newest faculty member, Mark Harnett, joined the McGovern Institute in April of this year.

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Charles Gilbert of The Rockefeller University delivers the 2015 Scolnick Prize Lecture. Photo: Justin Knight

Charles Gilbert Delivers Scolnick Lecture

The 2015 Scolnick Prize was awarded to Charles Gilbert of The Rockefeller University.

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Nancy Kanwisher pictured with members of her lab. Photo: Susana Correia

Awards & Honors

Awards and Honors

Nancy Kanwisher has been selected by the postdocs of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Community at MIT as the winner of the 2015 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award.

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Feng Zhang in his laboratory with graduate student Silvana Konermann. Photo: Justin Knight

Research News

Feng Zhang and colleagues published a review discussing the potential therapeutic applications of genome-editing technology.

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Josh Tenenbaum of MIT was among the speakers at the 2015 McGovern Institute symposium. Photo: Justin Knight


McGovern Annual Symposium

In this year’s symposium, ten speakers explored the recent advances in the study of internal models in perception, cognition and action.

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Nancy Kanwisher

In the Media

Traditional methods of brain imaging help scientists understand how the brain functions. But Nancy Kanwisher has taken extreme measures to reveal where certain regions of the brain are located.

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