Winter 2017 Issue 40

Robert Desimone, Director of the McGovern Institute. Photo: Kent Dayton

From the Director

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Poitras Center for Affective Disorders Research.

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Sue Whitfield-Gabrieli's research on psychiatric imaging is supported by the Poitras Center for Affective Disorders Research. Photo: Justin Knight

Feature Story

Rethinking Mental Illness Treatment

McGovern researchers are finding neural markers that could help improve treatment for psychiatric patients.

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Lisa Yang (left) and Hock Tan '75 SM '75. Photo: Peter Edward Quinn

Institute News

Tan-Yang Center for Autism Research Established at the McGovern Institute

The center is made possible by a kick-off commitment of $20 million, made by Lisa Yang and MIT alumnus Hock Tan ’75.

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Professor Catherine Dulac of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology on the MCB campus at Harvard University on August 19, 2015. Photo: Harvard MCB

McGovern Institute Awards Scolnick Prize to Catherine Dulac

Dulac is recognized for her discovery of mammalian pheromone receptors and for tracing the pathways by which pheromones act on the brain to control behavior.

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Feng Zhang, Investigator, McGovern Institute; James and Patricia Poitras ’63 Professor in Neuroscience; Associate Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Biological Engineering; Core Member, Broad Institute  Photo: MIT News

Awards & Honors

Awards and Honors

Feng Zhang has been named the inaugural chairholder of the Patricia and James Poitras (1963) Professorship in Neuroscience.

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Tomaso Poggio, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at MIT and director of the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines, has long thought that the brain must produce “invariant” representations of faces and other objects, meaning representations that are indifferent to objects’ orientation in space, their distance from the viewer, or their location in the visual field. Image: MIT News

Research News

Face recognition models; synthetic cells to isolate genetic circuits; probes to image brain molecules; using MRI to detect dyslexia

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From left to right: Elizabeth McGovern, Hugo Shong, Walter Boyd, Patrick McGovern III, Lore
Harp McGovern, Brett Liu and Robert Desimone. Photo: Justin Knight


IDG Sale

International Data Group Inc., founded by the late Patrick J. McGovern, has been acquired by China Oceanwide Holdings Group and IDG Capital.

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Symposium participants pose for a photo outside the McGovern Institute. Photo: Justin Knight

Joint Symposium with IDG/McGovern Institutes

The McGovern Institute hosted a joint symposium with our three sister institutes in Beijing.

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