From the Director Summer 2018 Issue 45

From the Director

McGovern Institute director Robert Desimone. Photo: Justin Knight
McGovern Institute director Robert Desimone. Photo: Justin Knight

We often emphasize biomedical insights from neuroscience, but brain research could also impact education. As we develop personalized medicines, shouldn’t education also be personalized, with specific interventions tailored to children’s individual needs? John Gabrieli has long been interested in using neural markers to better target learning and reading disability interventions for children. His work, alongside approaches being taken by teachers, is discussed in this issue.

In other news, the pace of awards recognizing McGovern faculty was brisk this spring, including two prestigious awards for groundbreaking work on brain organization. Ann Graybiel won the 2018 Gruber Prize in Neuroscience for her work on the basal ganglia and their role in brain functions ranging from movement to cognition, in health and disease. Nancy Kanwisher won the 2018 Heineken Prize, the premier scientific prize of the Netherlands, for her work on cortical organization of functions ranging from face recognition to music perception. We all celebrate such well-deserved, international recognition for our colleagues.

Bob Desimone, Director
Doris and Don Berkey Professor of Neuroscience

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