MEG Lab at MIT

Dimitrios Pantazis

Principal Research Scientist, Director of MEG Lab
MIT Bldg 46-5147 | phone: 617-324-6292 | email:

Dimitrios Pantazis is responsible for the general operation of the MEG Lab and the development of MEG imaging technology. Learn more >>

John Gabrieli

Director, Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center at MIT
MIT Bldg 46-4033B | phone: 617-253-8946 | email:

John Gabrieli provides executive-level leadership and oversight to the lab’s operations.

Robert Desimone

Director, McGovern Institute
MIT Bldg 46-3160 | phone: 617-324-0639 | email:

Desimone oversees the McGovern Institute, in which the MEG lab is housed. He also uses MEG in his own research on the neural basis of attention.

MEG Lab at the McGovern Institute
Main Street @ Albany Street
MIT Bldg 46-1147
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD
phone: 617-324-6292