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Understanding the human brain is one of the great frontiers of science, and is also the key to developing new cures for some of humanity’s most intractable diseases. The need for new research is great, given the enormous societal impact of brain disorders. The opportunities are also greater than ever before -- thanks to the spectacular technical advances of recent years, neuroscience is now on the verge of a new era of understanding.

As one of the world’s foremost neuroscience research centers, the McGovern Institute is committed to leading the way to this new era. But we can only accomplish this with the support of individuals, foundations, and corporations who share our goal. The impact of this support cannot be overstated -- it is central to our mission of understanding the brain in health and disease. We hope you’ll join us in our endeavor by becoming a Friend of the McGovern Institute and making a contribution to support neuroscience research today.

Cutting-edge neuroscience is capital intensive, requiring investments in new technology, laboratory materials, research facilities and the training of graduate students and young scientists. A recent article in the Economist demonstrates the large discrepancy between mental health research spending and the total cost of mental illness in many countries—a gap that private philanthropy is key to bridging. Private donations are critical to supporting the McGovern Institute’s research laboratories, and to helping cover research expenses such as the following:


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