Make a Gift

Make a Gift

We thank you for your interest in supporting the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

Members of the Circle of Willis are the philanthropic leaders of the McGovern Institute, advancing the work of McGovern researchers with gifts of $1,500 or more each year. Named for the arterial circle that nourishes the brain, the Circle of Willis enables the McGovern Institute to carry out its essential mission: understanding the brain in health and disease. In appreciation, Circle of Willis members are invited to private dinners, events and lab tours at the McGovern Institute.

Our annual supporters, called Friends of the McGovern Institute, are also key to helping us accomplish our mission. They help the McGovern Institute develop new relationships with individuals, academic institutions, foundations, and corporations dedicated to furthering neuroscience progress. In addition to receiving McGovern publications, Friends are invited to lectures, symposia, and other events throughout the year.

Cash donations

To make a gift online, choose from one of the following designations:

McGovern Institute - Director’s Discretionary Fund (2733360)
Allows the Institute to rapidly target funds to new opportunities as they arise.

McGovern Institute -- Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Fund (2743130)

Supports research on Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, and other neurological conditions.

McGovern Institute -- Psychiatric Disease Research Fund (2743129)

Supports research on depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and other psychiatric conditions.

McGovern Institute -- Developmental Disorders Research Fund (2743131)
Supports research on autism, dyslexia, and other developmental disorders.

McGovern Institute -- Sensory Deficits Research Fund (2743132)
Supports research targeted to new treatments for blindness and other sensory disorders.

McGovern Institute -- Research Fellowships (2743128)

Provides stipend support for young scientists at the critical early stages of their research careers.

To make a gift through the mail using a check or credit card, download this pdf, and send the completed form to:

McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
Attn: Kara Flyg
Bldg 46-3160
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139


For assistance or further information about making a gift to the McGovern Institute, please contact Kara Flyg at 617-324-0134.

This page describes how to make a cash donation to the McGovern Institute. Click here if you would like to learn about other ways to make a gift.

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    Kara Flyg
    Director of Development
    phone: 617-324-0134