Past Issues


Spring 2018 Issue 44

Engineering Intelligence

Brain Scan Winter 2018 Issue No. 43

Winter 2018 Issue 43

Listening to Neurons

Brain Scan Issue No 42

Fall 2017 Issue 42

A Sense of Timing

Brain Scan Issue No. 41

Spring 2017 Issue 41

A Google Map of the Brain

Brain Scan Issue No 40

Winter 2017 Issue 40

The Poitras Center supports research into how brain scans can personalize psychiatric medicine.

Brain Scan Issue No. 39

Fall 2016 Issue 39

McGovern researchers are using magnetic resonance imaging to peer into the infant mind.


Summer 2016 Issue 38

MIT researchers are developing new ways to understand autism.

Brain Scan Issue No. 37

Spring 2016 Issue 37

In this issue, we feature the work of Bob Horvitz, who has devoted his career to studying the microscopic worm known as C. elegans.

Brain Scan Issue No. 36

Winter 2016 Issue 36

In this issue we feature Feng Zhang and his groundbreaking work on the development of CRISPR, a genome-editing technology that has vastly increased our ability to alter the DNA of living cells, including those of humans.

Brain Scan Spring 2015, Issue No. 35

Spring 2015 Issue 35

McGovern researchers create unexpected new approaches to microscopy that are changing the way scientists look at the brain.

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