Circle of Willis

Members of the Circle of Willis are the philanthropic leaders of the McGovern Institute, advancing the work of McGovern researchers with gifts of $1,500 or more each year. Named for the arterial circle that nourishes the brain, the Circle of Willis enables the McGovern Institute to carry out its essential mission: understanding the brain in health and disease. In appreciation, Circle of Willis members are invited to private dinners, events and lab tours at the McGovern Institute.

2016 Circle of Willis

Anonymous (2)
Tenley Albright, MD
Rose and Doug Barnard
Susan Beiter
Doris and Donald Berkey
Barbara and Ted Bloom
Thelma and David Bold
Robert Buxton
David R. Cheng
Silas Chou
Carol Epstein
Ellen Ewald and Terje Mikalsen
Amy and Howard Finkelstein
Judith Goldberg
George Green and Wilma Jordan
Mary and Joseph Gumlak
Karen and Perry Ha
Susan Haar
Nancy and Jeffrey Halis
Minako and Barclay Henderson
Charles Hieken
Peter M. Hurley
The Hutko Family
Harvey Kaufman and Ellen Glazerman
Frederick J. Leonberger
Susan F. Lin, MD
Paul and Anne Marcus
Kim and Prisca Chen Marvin
Lore Harp McGovern
Robert M. Metcalfe
Thomas F. Peterson, Jr.
Edward and Kat Poitras
Patricia and James Poitras
Reza Pourian and Julia Madidi
Regina Pyle
Danielle and Mario Rosati
Betty Saks and Bart Kavanaugh
Hugo Shong
Svetlana and Eric Silverman
Valerie and John Stelling
Diane and Robert Stewart
Edward Strachan
Catherine and John Sutton
Roberta Sydney
Sheila Sydney
Catherine H. Thompson
Jane Pauley Trudeau and Garry Trudeau
Marshall Tulin
John Wasserlein
Carol and Christopher Witze
Michael and Jane Hsiung Wojcik
Mary and Joseph Wrinn
Laurette Verbinski 

Image: Justin Knight Photography