Friday, July 7th - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Special seminar

“The excitement and challenges of unravelling the secrets of Huntington’s Disease through research on the human brain”

Dr. Richard Faull, The University of Auckland
McGovern Seminar Room 46-3189
Public welcome

Over a period of more than 30 years we have undertaken research studies on Huntington’s disease (HD) using the post-mortem human brain. These studies were first initiated in the 1980’s by families who gifted the brain of their loved one after death to our research in order to determine if their family was affected by this tragic genetic brain disease. The families then insisted that we keep the brain of their loved one to see if we could undertake research and find out if we could stop the death of brain cells. Over the years our multidisciplinary team research in collaboration and partnership with neuroscientists world-wide, clinicians and families in New Zealand has revolutionized our understanding of the interrelationships of the cellular pathology, genetics and symptomatology of Huntington’s disease and resulted in new therapeutic approaches. These studies emphasize the importance of pursuing research in partnership with families affected by brain disease.
Hosted by: Ann Graybiel