Ways to Contribute

There are numerous ways to give to the McGovern Institute. Gifts can take the form of cash, securities, or other assets. Donors may wish to establish bequests, trusts, or annuities.

This section provides you with the information you need to tailor a gift to your specific circumstances. For assistance or further information about making a gift to the McGovern Institute, please contact Kara Flyg at 617-324-0134.

Cash gifts

Gifts of cash are among the most valuable forms of support for the McGovern Institute. They are immediately available and allow us to meet our most pressing needs. Gifts can be made by cash, check, credit card, bank transfer, donor-advised fund, and payroll deductions. Click here to make a cash donation to the McGovern Institute.

Gifts of securities and assets

Gifts to the McGovern may also be made with securities and mutual funds, stocks, IRA charitable rollovers, and other assets.

Corporate giving

Corporate gifts can be made to support research funds, fellowships and professorships, and seminars. Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles the contribution to the McGovern Institute.

Bequests and trusts

You can leave a legacy to the McGovern Institute by establishing a bequest, trust, or retirement plan through MIT. These gifts help reduce your taxable estate while allowing you to retain full control of your assets during your lifetime.

Gifts in memory or celebration

No matter their size, gifts to commemorate or celebrate a family member, classmate, faculty member, or friend can be designated to the McGovern Institute.

Naming opportunities

A named professorship, graduate student fellowship, or community space is a lasting gift that permanently associates the name of the donor – or that of a family member, friend, colleague, or professor – with the McGovern Institute.

More information on the mechanics of giving to the McGovern Institute can be found on the MIT Giving website.

Image: Doreen Reuchsel