2-Photon User Information

The 2-photon system is operated by the McGovern Institute as a core facility, and is open to all MIT neuroscience researchers.

The facility is supported by user fees on a cost-recovery basis. The current cost is $50/hr. This rate is determined in accordance with MIT policy on core facilities, and is subject to change based on actual costs and revenues.

The facility is overseen by an executive committee, with faculty representation from several departments. There is also a technical staff consultant who provides training and certification and technical advice to the committee and to individual users.

Users must undergo training and be certified by staff. For information about training, contactthe core staff.

  • Policies: Users are expected to know and comply with the policies described in this document. These are set for benefit of all, and failure to comply may lead to loss of access privileges.

  • Communications: Users can communicate with each other via this email list: two-photon-core-users@mit.edu. New users can join the list via this link (MIT only).
  • Software Manuals: The Prairie Technologies website provides downloadable manuals for their PrairieView and TriggerSync software. The combined manual is also available as a PDF on our site [download]. Additional information may also be found in this PrairieView manual (download).

  • Laser Safety: The 2-photon system includes class 4 lasers, and the MIT Environmental Health and Safety Office requires that all users must complete the MIT laser safety training course. Questions about laser safety should be directed to Rosa Liberman, the EHS coordinator for Building 46.

  • Neurolucida: The core has a license for the popular Neurolucida software, which is available to certified users. Our license also includes the Autoneuron extension module. We can support up to five concurrent users; access is via a dongle (a memory stick with an access code), which can be borrowed for up to 1 week from McGovern HQ. Users will also need a userID and password. The software can be downloaded from the vendor (MBF Bioscience) and installed on any computer (check the vendor web site for computer requirements) but cannot be used without the dongle.