Martinos Imaging Center at MIT

John Gabrieli, Director

Professor John Gabrieli directs the research and administrative activities of the Center, providing executive-level leadership and oversight to the Center’s operations. He is an Investigator at the McGovern Institute and a professor in the MIT department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Harvard-MIT division of Health Sciences and Technology. His research interests include the neural basis of memory, thought and emotion in the human brain, and he also seeks to understand the brain abnormalities that underlie neurological and psychiatric disease.

gabrieli at mit dot edu | 617-253-8946 | MIT Bldg 46-4033B | Gabrieli lab website

Atsushi Takahashi, Assistant Director / MR Physicist

Atsushi Takahashi is responsible for technological oversight of the MRI scanners and for the development of new imaging methods. He collaborates with users to develop and optimize new pulse sequences and provides advice on all aspects of MR imaging. His own research focuses on the development of novel image acquisition and reconstruction methods, characterizing the MR hardware to improve fMRI data quality and using MRI to make quantitative measurements of physiologically and metabolically significant processes.

atsushi1 at mit dot edu | 617-324-2706 | MIT Bldg 46-1165

Steven Shannon, Operations Mgr / Research Technologist

Steve Shannon coordinates the daily activities of Center users. He is responsible for safety training, teaching users how to operate the MR scanner and related equipment, performing quality assurance scans and measurements, and coordinating all facilities-related issues.

sshannon at mit dot edu | 617-324-2702 | MIT Bldg 46-1171

Dimitrios Pantazis, Director of MEG Lab / Principal Research Scientist

Dimitrios Pantazis is responsible for the magnetoencephalography (MEG) Laboratory. He oversees its operations, provides training for new users, and consults with users on all aspects of MEG data analysis. His research interest is in the application of signal processing theory to the analysis of neuroimaging data, including MEG, EEG and MRI.

pantazis at mit dot edu | 617-324-6292 | MIT Bldg 46-5147

Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, Research Scientist

Sue Whitfield-Gabrieli works closely with MIT investigators at the Center on post-acquisition analyses of data, developing quantitative methods to analyze data from fMRI, DTI, and ERP; utilizing multimodal imaging techniques to investigate functional and anatomical connectivity; and exploring novel approaches to multimodal integration. In addition to consulting with individual PIs and users, she regularly conducts group trainings and offers courses on Advanced and Basic SPM.

swg at mit dot edu | 617-324-2893 | MIT Bldg 46-4041 | website

Martinos Executive Committee

The executive committee provides guidance on strategic priorities and policies for the imaging center, including coordination with the affiliated Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Its current members include:

  • Elfar Adalsteinsson (MIT)
  • Bruce Fischl (MGH)
  • John Gabrieli (MIT)
  • Nancy Kanwisher (MIT)
  • Bruce Rosen (MGH)

Visiting Committee

  • Susan Bookheimer (UCLA)
  • Jonathan Cohen (Princeton University)
  • Gary Glover, Chair (Stanford University)
  • Alan Koretsky (NIH-NINDS)
  • Ed Scolnick (Broad Institute, MIT)
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