For Volunteers

The McGovern Institute depends on volunteer research subjects of all ages and backgrounds for many brain imaging studies. This page provides general information for prospective volunteers for brain imaging experiments at MIT. Additional information on specific studies will be provided by the researchers conducting the study. Research subjects receive financial compensation for participating in studies. Please join our study mailing list for opportunities to participate in behavioral and brain imaging studies at the McGovern Institute.

Please note that studies conducted at MIT are for research purposes only. Research scans are not a substitute for clinical diagnostic tests, and we cannot provide clinical advice to research subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imaging Center Staff

The staff at the Martinos Imaging Center direct the research and administrative activities of the center, providing executive-level leadership and technical oversight. An executive committee provides guidance on strategic priorities and policies, including coordination with the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

For Researchers

The Martinos Imaging Center at MIT provides researchers from around Boston with access to a range of neuroimaging technologies, including MRI, EEG, MEG, and NIRS.

New users of the MRI scanner must attend a safety training class, and must be certified by the staff of the imaging center before they are permitted to conduct scans without supervision. Classes are held regularly throughout the year, and notices of these classes are posted to the user list-serve.

Researchers interested in accessing the technologies at the Martinos Imaging Center should use the following contacts:


Annie Cardinaux
Phone: 617-324-5493


Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD
Phone: 617-324-6292


Martinos Imaging Center
Phone: 617-324-2702


Emily Chen
Phone: 617-324-2885