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From neurons to learning and memory

Mark Harnett, an associate professor at MIT, still remembers the first time he saw electrical activity spiking from a living neuron. He was a senior at Reed College and had spent weeks building a patch clamp rig — an experimental setup with an electrode that can be used to gently probe a neuron and measure […]

A new computational technique could make it easier to engineer useful proteins

To engineer proteins with useful functions, researchers usually begin with a natural protein that has a desirable function, such as emitting fluorescent light, and put it through many rounds of random mutation that eventually generate an optimized version of the protein. This process has yielded optimized versions of many important proteins, including green fluorescent protein […]

Reevaluating an approach to functional brain imaging

A new way of imaging the brain with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) does not directly detect neural activity as originally reported, according to scientists at MIT’s McGovern Institute. The method, first described in 2022, generated excitement within the neuroscience community as a potentially transformative approach. But a study from the lab of McGovern Associate Investigator […]

Beyond the brain

This story also appears in the Spring 2024 issue of BrainScan. ___ Like many people, graduate student Guillermo Herrera-Arcos found himself working from home in the spring of 2020. Surrounded by equipment he’d hastily borrowed from the lab, he began testing electrical components he would need to control muscles in a new way. If it […]

Researchers reveal roadmap for AI innovation in brain and language learning

One of the hallmarks of humanity is language, but now, powerful new artificial intelligence tools also compose poetry, write songs, and have extensive conversations with human users. Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini are widely available at the tap of a button — but just how smart are these AIs? A new multidisciplinary research effort co-led […]

Honoring a visionary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Pat McGovern, an extraordinary visionary and philanthropist whose legacy continues to inspire and impact the world. As the founder of International Data Group (IDG)—a premier information technology organization—McGovern was not just a pioneering figure in the technology media world, but also a passionate advocate for using […]

How the brain coordinates speaking and breathing

MIT researchers have discovered a brain circuit that drives vocalization and ensures that you talk only when you breathe out, and stop talking when you breathe in. The newly discovered circuit controls two actions that are required for vocalization: narrowing of the larynx and exhaling air from the lungs. The researchers also found that this […]

School of Science announces 2024 Infinite Expansion Awards

The MIT School of Science has announced nine postdocs and research scientists as recipients of the 2024 Infinite Expansion Award, which highlights extraordinary members of the MIT community. The following are the 2024 School of Science Infinite Expansion winners: Sarthak Chandra, a research scientist in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, was nominated by […]

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