Current Issue: Winter 2015 Issue 34

Robert Desimone, Director of the McGovern Institute. Photo: Kent Dayton

From the Director

The possibility of raising intelligence through brain training is very appealing, and although the evidence is not yet conclusive, it is suggestive enough that my colleagues and I are encouraged to pursue it, as you can read in this issue.

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Technical assistant Sydney Robinson with a young research subject. Photo: Justin Knight

Feature Story

The Quest to Understand Intelligence

Brain research offers new insights into human intelligence, and how it might be improved.

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Students ask questions at the Translational Neuroscience Joint Seminar Series. Photo: Justin Knight

Institute News

Announcing a New Joint Series with the Broad Institute

We are pleased to announce a new monthly seminar series co-hosted by the Poitras Center and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute.

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Greg Hutko '10; photo courtesy of Hutko family.

Family Creates Research Fund in Memory of Son

The family of Greg Hutko ‘10 has generously created The Gregory Lloyd Hutko ’10 Fund for Psychiatric Research at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

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Dr. Charles Gilbert of The Rockefeller University.

Charles Gilbert to Receive Scolnick Prize

The 2015 Scolnick Prize for Neuroscience will be awarded to Charles Gilbert of The Rockefeller University.

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Edward and Kay Poitras

New Fund to Support Genetic Models of Brain Disease

Longtime friends of the McGovern Institute Edward and Kay Poitras have made a commitment to create The Edward and Kay Poitras Fund for Frontiers in Genetic Models.

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Neurons in the head of the worm C. elegans.  Photo: Nikhil Bhatla, Rita Droste & Bob Horvitz

Research News

By studying the nervous system of the nematode C. elegans, Bob Horvitz’s lab has discovered a novel taste receptor for hydrogen peroxide.

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Dr. Cornelia Bargmann delivers the 2015 Sharp Lecture in Neural Circuits.


Sharp Lecture in Neural Circuits

Dr. Cornelia “Cori” Bargmann of The Rockefeller University delivered the fourth annual Sharp Lecture in Neural Circuits.

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Photo: Bryce Vickmark

Building 46 Holiday Party

On December 11, members of Building 46 celebrated the holidays with a party in the atrium.

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Using a new technique that allows them to enlarge brain tissue, MIT scientists created these images of neurons in the hippocampus. Image: Fei Chen, Paul Tillberg, Ed Boyden

In the Media

Ed Boyden’s expansion microscopy research received widespread news coverage, including a feature article in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and PBS NewsHour.

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