Sponsored Researchers

Each year, the McGovern Institute awards fellowships, generously provided by our supporters, to foster the research of exceptional graduate students in labs across the institute. Meet the current sponsored researchers, who study a wide range of topics — from worm behavior to human emotion.

Mila Halgren

Phillip A. Sharp Fellow, Harnett Lab

Mila Halgren is interested in systematically characterizing the physiology of neocortical activity in humans and rodents.

Noah Lee

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, Desimone Lab

Noah Lee studies how neuronal populations across multiple visual processing stages interact with each other to modulate attention.


Florian Koehler

Phillip A. Sharp Fellow, Anikeeva Lab

Florian Koehler is pursuing magnetomechanical approaches for wireless implant-free neuromodulation of genetically-defined cells.

Saima Malik-Moraleda

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, Fedorenko Lab

Saima Malik-Moraleda studies the functional architecture of language processing in the brains of bi-linguals and multi-linguals.

Qianli Liao

Hugo Shong Fellow, Poggio Lab

Qianli Liao is working towards a better theoretical understanding of deep learning networks.

Danielle Orozco Cosio

Janet and Sheldon ’59 Razin Fellow, Boyden Lab

Danielle Orozco Cosio focuses on integrative analysis of C. elegans neural circuitry.

Martin Schrimpf

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, DiCarlo Lab

Martin Schrimpf develops computer models of visual intelligence.