Sponsored Researchers

Each year, the McGovern Institute awards fellowships, generously provided by our supporters, to foster the research of exceptional graduate students in labs across the institute. Meet the current sponsored researchers, who study a wide range of topics — from worm behavior to human emotion.

Noah Lee

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, Desimone Lab

Noah Lee is developing a novel automatic method for cortical layer identification in the visual cortex.

Rajib Mondal

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, Anikeeva Lab

Rajib Mondal is investigating gut-brain interactions and developing multifunctional fiber-based neural interfaces for neurological disorders.

Tamar Regev

Poitras Center Fellow, Fedorenko Lab

Tamar Regev studies speech and language processing in the brain and how these systems are impaired in neuropsychological disorders such as schizophrenia.

Vincent Tang

Janet and Sheldon ’59 Razin Fellow, Harnett Lab

Vincent Tang studies how dendrites contribute to in vivo neural computation.

Suleman Zaidi

Friends of the McGovern Institute Fellow, DiCarlo Lab

Suleman Zaidi is using electrical micro-stimulation guided by deep neural networks to obtain neural control in the primate ventral visual stream.