Huda Zoghbi delivers Scolnick lecture

Edward M. Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience

About the Prize

The Scolnick Prize is awarded annually by the McGovern Institute to recognize outstanding advances in the field of neuroscience. The prize is named in honor of Edward M. Scolnick, who stepped down as president of Merck Research Laboratories in December 2002 after holding Merck’s top research post for 17 years. Scolnick is now at the Broad Institute, where he established the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. He also serves as a member of the McGovern Institute’s scientific advisory board. The prize, which is endowed through a gift from Merck to the McGovern Institute, consists of a $150,000 award, plus an inscribed gift.

Richard Huganir, 2019

Richard Huganir (Johns Hopkins) has received the 2019 Scolnick Prize for his elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity. Huganir will deliver his prize lecture at the McGovern Institute on May 8, 2019.