Portrait of Gabrielle Ammirato

Gabrielle Ammirato

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 617-324-2077
Email: ammir193@mit.edu

Farrah Belizaire

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEIJ) Program Officer

Email: farrahab@mit.edu

Jill Crittenden

Scientific Advisor

Phone: 617-324-3977
Email: jrc@mit.edu

Jill Crittenden supports the McGovern Institute’s strategic goals by working with the director, faculty, and staff to establish research programs and communicate scientific discoveries to donors and to the public. Prior to joining the McGovern headquarters staff, Jill worked as a Research Scientist in the laboratories of Ann Graybiel and David Housman, after receiving her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Baylor College of Medicine.



Robert Desimone

Robert Desimone

Director, McGovern Institute

Phone: 617-324-2077
Email: desimone@mit.edu


McGovern Institute Director Robert Desimone is responsible for the overall scientific direction of the institute and is supported by the institute’s administrative staff. His lab studies the brain mechanisms underlying attention. Prior to joining the McGovern Institute in 2004, he was director of the Intramural Research Program at the National Institutes of Mental Health.

Kara Flyg

Kara Flyg

Director of Development

Phone: 617-324-0134
Email: kflyg@mit.edu

headshot of Jackie Foster

Jacqueline Foster

Financial Assistant

Phone: 617-324-2077
Email: jafoster@mit.edu

Portrait of Sarah Frank

Sarah Frank

Events Coordinator

Phone: 617-324-5679
Email: sarahf22@mit.edu

Meaghan Jalbert

Human Resource Business Partner

Phone: 617-324-0639
Email: macdonme@mit.edu

Gayle Lutchen

Gayle Lutchen

Director, Administration and Finance

Phone: 617-452-2507
Email: gwolf@mit.edu

Portrait of Zella Pirello

Zella Pirello

Program Administrator

Phone: 617-715-5396
Email: zpirello@mit.edu

Julie Pryor

Julie Pryor

Communications Officer

Phone: 617-715-5397
Email: jpryor@mit.edu

headshot of David Snyder

David Snyder

Financial Coordinator

Phone: 617-324-6120
Email: dsnyder@mit.edu

Beth Ann Turnquist

Financial Officer

Phone: 719-838-0324
Email: bethann@mit.edu

Headshot of Rubina Veerakone

Rubina Veerakone

Development Writer

Phone: 617-253-5441
Email: rubinav@mit.edu

Donna Wells

Donna Wells

Senior Financial Officer

Phone: 617-452-2574
Email: donnab@mit.edu