Martha Constantine-Paton to receive top honors from Tufts University

Martha Constantine-Paton (left) has won a lifetime achievement award from the Society for Neuroscience. She has also been awarded the Dean's Medal from Tufts School of Arts and Sciences. Photo: Patricia O'Loughlin

Martha Constantine-Paton will receive the Dean’s Medal from Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences for her “exceptional contributions to the field of developmental neuroscience.” Constantine-Paton, a Tufts alumna, refers to her time at the university as a “turning point” in her life and credits the school for giving her the self-confidence she needed to pursue a career in science. The Dean’s Medal is the highest honor available at each school at Tufts, reserved only “for those select individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the university and to the greater community.”

Constantine-Paton will be awarded the Dean’s Medal on March 25, 2013.