Ola Ozernov-Palchik

Postdoc, Gabrieli Lab

Ola is a developmental cognitive neuroscience postdoctoral researcher in John Gabrieli’s lab at the McGovern Institute. Ola’s research focuses on the neurocognitive mechanisms of reading and language comprehension, how they vary across individuals and throughout development. She uses brain imaging to explore questions such as: Why does reading come effortlessly for some children, while for others it is a grueling process? Why do different people comprehend the same stimuli differently? And, what are the pathways for resilience in the reading brain? Ola is passionate about translating these basic questions into impactful educational practices. In addition to her work at MIT, she is teaching Master’s students in the Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard Graduate School of Education and serves as the program’s director. When not Zooming, Ola spends her time hanging out with her 8-year-old son, exploring the outdoors, and feeling guilty about not exercising. Fun fact: Ola has an accent in every language she speaks.