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Fear, Trauma and Memory: A Panel Discussion

How accurate are our memories after a traumatic event? Does chronic stress make us more vulnerable to trauma? Will scientists one day succeed in preventing PTSD? We invite you to join the discussion with a distinguished group of experts who will explore new lines of research and treatment strategies for stress disorders and traumatic memory. […]

2014 Phillip A. Sharp Lecture in Neural Circuits

In the 2014 Sharp Lecture, May-Britt Moser of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology described her work on “grid cells,” which she co-discovered with husband Edvard Moser in 2005. The activity of these cells suggests that the brain maps 2D space onto a grid from which the animal’s location can be computed.


Neurons in the mouse cerebellum, expressing the synaptic protein SAPAP-4. Image: Louis Tee and Guoping Feng

2014 Phillip A. Sharp Lecture in Neural Circuits

SPEAKER: Dr. May-Britt Moser ORGANIZATION: Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience DATE + TIME: Wednesday February 5, 2014 at 4pm LOCATION: MIT Bldg 46-3002 (Singleton Auditorium) ABSTRACT: The medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) is part of the brain’s circuit for dynamic representation of self-location. The metric of this representation is provided by grid cells, cells with spatial firing fields […]

A Personal Message from Lore Harp McGovern

Charles M. Vest’s death came much too early. I miss this man terribly, his kindness, his intelligence, his fairness and most of all his simple humanity. Chuck was President of MIT when we started our discussion about the possibility of the McGovern Institute to be located at MIT. He was enthusiastic, if not ecstatic, but exercised reserve […]

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