Remembering Pat McGovern

We report with great sadness the death of Pat McGovern, on March 19, 2014. Since the founding of the institute, he has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. He will be greatly missed.

Pat recently gave an interview in which he described his motivation for establishing the McGovern Institute.  The video can be seen here. A photo montage of Pat McGovern may also be viewed on our website. Read Pat's obituary in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Boston Business Journal, and TIME.

Since the announcement of Pat's death, we have received many tributes from friends, colleagues, and others whose lives he has touched. If you would like to share a public comment on this tribute page, please email us at

The family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the McGovern Institute in Pat's memory. Please contact Kara Flyg at or 617-324-0134.



I'm very sorry to hear about Patrick McGovern's death. My thoughts are with his family.  It's hard to lose him. But, it's good to know that his contribution will live on in a meaningful way through the extraordinary work of the McGovern Institute.

Alan Alda

An incredible Giant has just stepped into another realm. What a privilege to treasure and continue to walk in his extraordinary footsteps.

Doug and Jo-Del Gaeth

I am sincerely sorry to hear this. I have honestly admired his intelligence, dedication, and kindness every single time we met. It is indeed very sad news.

Nikos K. Logothetis, MPIC Tübingen

We came to know recently about a loss of Patrick McGovern. Please accept our heartiest condolences from Aim's Medical Director R. Vijayanagar, M.D and myself. May God give strength to family and friends.

Anil Kumar, M.D

I am truly sad to get this news. Needless to say that we will miss him. Our sincere condolences.

Mohan Vijay

Pat made the very most of his life unlike anyone else I know. What a unique combination of entrepreneur, diplomat, technologist, venture capitalist, and perhaps most importantly philanthropist.

Pat impacted thousands of people with his enterprises and his legacy at the McGovern will continue that tradition.

It was a privilege to work with Pat.

Howie Sholkin

I am so sorry to know that Mr. McGovern passed away.

I met him several time and moved by his vision and passion every time. It is just like yesterday we met him during the ceremony of Tsinghua Brain research institute. I and my colleagues are so gratitude for his donation and honored to know him.

His contribution, particularly to Brain research at Tsinghua, same as at MIT, will let him live  in our hearts forever.

Please forward my best wishes to Lore Harp, their four children and family.

Luming Li

Dear Lore , my deepest condolences. What a loss to this world. What a great man and friend Patrick was to us all. May God bless him in Heaven. His memory will live among us for ever and ever.

Silas Chou

We are sorry to hear of the news. It was only five years ago that I reconnected with my 1959 class mate, Patrick McGovern, at our 50th Class Reunion. We thanked him for a wonderful tour of your institution. Please extend our condolences to Lore and his family.

Shen Shey
MIT, 1959

I am deeply sorry to hear about the sad demise of Mr. Patrick McGovern, your institute's visionary co-founder. I understand what a serious loss it is to your institute, and especially to his family.  He was a very great successful business leader and  all people hold him in high esteem. Please accept my sincerest sympathies on this sad occasion. I met Pat the first time in 1998 in Silicon Valley , and we have chances to meet and support Pat in Vietnam as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VietNamNet. I highly respect and love Pat. May his soul rest in peace and God give his family the strength to bear this sudden shock.

Tuan Nguyen
Boston Global Forum

It has been an honor to photograph this great man and the world-class brain researchers of the institute that bears his name.  His extraordinary gifts have bettered MIT, and by extension the world, and for that I am grateful.  I will miss him.

Justin Knight

RIP Pat McGovern '59, co-founder of @mcgovernmit & IDG (@Computerworld, @pcworld, etc.) He will be greatly missed.


Very sorry to hear this news.

Bernard Dooley

I was very saddened to hear of Pat’s passing.

I will miss his goodness, his big smile, and his common touch. I will also miss his capacity to conceive of and translate into reality his big ideas. Pat was a real pathfinder.

Robert Buxton

My wife, Sandy Sherman, and I are very sad to hear of Pat’s death.  I was very honored to paint the portrait of Pat and his lovely wife, Lore.  Sandy and I spent a few hours with them and were struck by their energy, infectious enthusiasm and affection for each other.  I made every effort to express those qualities in their portrait.  Pat also requested that I paint a background of images of brain synapses to reflect the research being carried out by the Institute.  Pat and Lore’s extraordinary generosity will long be remembered.  We send our condolences to Lore and all who loved him.

Richard Whitney

Being only a few years older than Pat I was shocked to learn about his death yesterday. I remember him as one of the greatest and American people I met during my life. He had an enormous drive to accomplish his ideals and I learned a lot from him.

If you want an anecdote: it comes to my mind that we, Pat, Joop Witvoet, the first general manager of IDC Benelux, and myself, Joop's editorial director, went loudly singing through the empty halls of Cebit Fair in Hannover, Germany after visiting a social meeting at the stand of Computerwoche early in the evening, the Fair being closed already for the public. It was 1984 and Pat had consolidated his activities in Europe although conquering the Eastern part still had to begin.

In 1991 I left the company, but in recent years I took up contact again. We exchanged some pleasant mails on the idea to establish a McGovern Institute in Europe, preferably for my part in Amsterdam. I understand now he had reasons to give preference to Beijing. I am convinced however Pat, after China, certainly deserves Institutes bearing his name in Europe as well.

Willem Koole, The Hague, The Netherlands