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Neville Hogan: 2013 McGovern Institute Symposium

The annual McGovern Institute symposium took place on May 8, 2013 and featured nine talks on the subject of motor control and the motor cortex. In this video, Neville Hogan of MIT presents his talk entitled, “Modular dynamics in motor control and neuro-rehabilitation.”

Obama hosts Dresselhaus, Graybiel and Luu in Oval Office

President Barack Obama met Thursday, March 28, in the Oval Office with the six U.S. recipients of the 2012 Kavli Prizes — including MIT’s Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Ann M. Graybiel and Jane X. Luu. Obama and his science and technology advisor, John P. Holdren, received the scientists to recognize their landmark contributions in nanoscience, neuroscience […]

MIT researchers join Obama for brain announcement

Four MIT neuroscientists were among those invited to the White House on Tuesday, April 2, when President Barack Obama announced a new initiative to understand the human brain. Professors Ed Boyden, Emery Brown, Robert Desimone and Sebastian Seung were among a group of leading researchers who joined Obama for the announcement, along with Francis Collins, […]

2013 Scolnick Prize Lecture: Thomas Jessell

Dr. Thomas Jessell of Columbia University is the winner of the 2013 Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience for his pioneering work on synaptic plasticity, the process by which the brain’s connections are modified in response to experience. On April 1, 2013, he delivered the Scolnick Prize lecture, entitled “Sifting Circuits for Motor Control.”

Brain Scan Cover Image: Winter 2013

The cover of the Winter 2013 issue of Brain Scan features an artist’s representation of a new genome editing technique developed by Feng Zhang. The method allows researchers to disrupt or replace genes at will.

Martha Constantine-Paton to receive top honors from Tufts University

Martha Constantine-Paton will receive the Dean’s Medal from Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences for her “exceptional contributions to the field of developmental neuroscience.” Constantine-Paton, a Tufts alumna, refers to her time at the university as a “turning point” in her life and credits the school for giving her the self-confidence she needed to […]

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