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The pursuit of reward

View the interactive version of this story in our Spring 2021 issue of BrainScan. The brain circuits that influence our decisions, cognitive functions, and ultimately, our actions are intimately connected with the circuits that give rise to our motivations. By exploring these relationships, scientists at McGovern are seeking knowledge that might suggest new strategies for […]

Eyeless roundworms sense color

Roundworms don’t have eyes or the light-absorbing molecules required to see. Yet, new research shows they can somehow sense color. The study, published on March 5 in the journal Science, suggests worms use this ability to assess the risk of feasting on potentially dangerous bacteria that secrete blue toxins. The researchers pinpointed two genes that […]

Spot Award Nomination

What is a Spot Award? MIT Appreciation Awards (aka “On-the-Spot” or “Spot” awards) recognize exceptional contributions by individuals or teams to the MIT community. Spot Award nominations can be made at any time and, as the name implies, awards are delivered at the time of achievement. Who qualifies for a Spot Award? Any member of […]

Spot Award Prize Selection

Congratulations on being nominated to win a Spot Award! Please use the form below to select your prize of choice. It will be mailed to you and should arrive within a few weeks. Please contact Gayle Lutchen if you have any questions. Thank you for going above and beyond! Please note your information will not […]

A high-resolution glimpse of gene expression in cells

Using a novel technique for expanding tissue, MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers have devised a way to label individual molecules of messenger RNA within a tissue sample and then sequence the RNA. This approach offers a unique snapshot of which genes are being expressed in different parts of a cell, and could allow scientists […]

Late Waiver Request

All proposals must be received by the McGovern finance team 6 business days prior to the sponsor’s due date. If this cannot be accomplished and there is a valid reason, fill out this form and the McGovern Institute Director will ask the Dean for a waiver. For additional information and policy on late submission of […]

Initiate Proposal

To initiate proposal development for either internal or external sponsors, or to request a budget scenario – please fill out the Proposal Initiation Form and click submit. You will be contacted directly by the assigned proposal aggregator. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Reminder: Proposal processing normally requires at least six business days. If […]

McGovern PI Status Request

MIT policy defines Investigators as those individuals who are independently responsible for the design, conduct and reporting of research. The Principal Investigator (PI) is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the project. Faculty, Senior Research Scientists/ Engineers/ Associates and Principal Research Scientists/Engineers/Associates are given PI status in accordance with MIT Policies and Procedures. PI, Co-PI […]

Facilities & Administrative Underrecovery Request

Definition: Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Underrecovery (UR) is the difference between the current negotiated F&A rate that MIT charges to a sponsored research project and the rate that the sponsor is willing to pay. Underrecovery may result because a sponsor dictates a rate and/or base that is less than the F&A recovery that would be […]

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